The 8 Most Common Mistakes in Muscle Gain

Too much fat and too little muscle: we’ve all tried to gain muscle and we’ve all made mistakes. It may seem like a simple process – protein, calories, training, rest – but there are many mistakes that we can make (and that we make) along the way.

However, knowing this so that we can take precautions is already the first step in the right direction. Let’s talk about some common mistakes and how to not make them.

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1. Exaggerate

We finally concluded the phase of “cutting” fat, reached a level of body fat that we are happy with, and decided to move on to the next step: mass gain. So we celebrate the occasion with fast food , calorie-dense protein shakes and protein bars – and the celebrations never stop.

Eating too much and too fast to try to speed up the process is probably the most common mistake people make when trying to grow their muscles.

Exaggeration can later cost us months, when it is time to cut again. So be patient and remember that you have all the time in the world. Small daily actions lead to great results after one year, so you keep a limited excess of calories.

2. Forget about fruits and vegetables

Getting the right proportion of macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) is usually the main focus in a plan to gain mass, but fruit and vegetables are essential for our well-being, and our well-being it is essential to gain muscle.

Do not neglect vegetables because they are not full of proteins: they are rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, which will make you feel healthier, contribute to the proper functioning of your body and give you more energy. All of these things help you gain lean mass.

Think long-term with regard to your body and muscle development: don’t forget about vegetables.

3. Insufficient calories

In addition to vegetables, don’t forget to eat enough calories.

You must consume an excess (in relation to the maintenance level) of about 300kcal to gain mass. You can calculate your daily calorie intake for maintenance based on age, sex, weight and activity levels.

Although it is additional work, also consider the idea of ​​making a calorie record, to get an idea of ​​how many calories you are consuming. This knowledge allows you to make more informed choices regarding your diet and make more effective adjustments.

4. Insufficient rest

Rest and recovery form one of the three pillars of muscle development, but probably the most neglected. Rest takes place between sessions for a given muscle group and includes the hours you sleep each night.

Sleep contributes enormously to muscle growth: it promotes protein synthesis and growth hormone is released during REM sleep cycles.

The reality is that muscles do not grow in the gym, but in bed, while you sleep. So, don’t forget to dedicate those 8 hours to them.

5. Wanting immediate results

This is a common mistake, both in the development of muscle mass and in the cutting phase, and it is good that we realize this as soon as possible.

Results in fitness take time. In fact, they can take a lifetime. Take pleasure in your day-to-day work and don’t focus too much on your final destination so you can enjoy the trip.

6. Insufficient protein

It is known that protein is necessary for the formation of muscle tissue, constituting its basic building material, so make sure you consume it in sufficient quantity. Proteins can be obtained from a variety of sources, you don’t need to think only about meat: beans, vegetables and food supplements are examples of important protein sources.

A usual recommendation is at least 2.2 grams per kilogram of lean body mass, but it is easy and common to fall short of that ideal.

7. Not knowing when to stop

The development of muscle mass can correspond to one year of work and, during that time, it can be difficult to perceive the fat that we accumulate in the body. If you maintain a very controlled caloric excess, you can maintain a constant and permanent mass gain mode, but most people reach a point where fat levels are too high.

When this happens, you must have the necessary objectivity and start the dreaded cutting phase. If you don’t do it at the right time, you’ll need to do it later.

8. Lots of talk and little action

Having the knowledge and information is the first step in the process and will give you an adequate idea of ​​what you need to do. But it is easy to make the mistake of spending too much time reading and learning and less time to do and put into practice.

It is very common to know that we are making mistakes and to continue to make them. We know that we should eat more vegetables, sleep more hours or do more training, but we don’t. So make sure you put the knowledge into practice, because that is the most important thing when you want to change something in your life or achieve something: get to work.

Final Message

If you are trying to gain muscle mass, be aware of these common mistakes, so that they are less likely than comets.

Always remember to put knowledge into practice. Don’t get lost in mountains of information and focus on the basics: nutrition, sleep and training. And the results will appear.

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