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What are the best ways to train and feed the body? There are many issues that are still being investigated by science, but by reading the latest news, we can at least leave most of the experimentation to scientists.

This week, we’ll see if there is any indication that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the best way to train and the benefits of exercise for memory.

What is the best type of training?

We all have a favorite type of training. Some people love a good run, while others prefer to lift weights. And there are those who choose different forms of exercise depending on how they fit into their lifestyle. For example: HIIT, being fast, is relatively easy to fit into a busy routine.

And is there an ideal way to train according to expert opinions?

A group of researchers conducted interviews with a group of 30 adults who were starting to practice physical exercise before asking them to try various types of training and then discuss the positive and negative aspects of each one.

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Due to the reputation of high intensity interval training for offering great physical benefits, participants generally agreed that it was an appealing idea before trying it out, but they also agreed that exercising at such an intense pace could be discouraging for a beginner .

Unfortunately, we are no closer to finding the ideal type of training, according to the team of researchers, who argue that each person should try to find something that works for them – which will be different depending on the person.

On some days, fitting 20 minutes of HIIT may be all we get, while on other occasions we may have the time and the will to spend half a day in the gym lifting weights.

The conclusion is the one that has already been reached on other occasions: the best training routine is the one that we can maintain and which we can take pleasure in.

Is exercise good for memory?

We have all experienced that pleasant feeling of well-being after a good workout, so exercise seems to be good for the mind, right? We know that going to the gym on a regular basis strengthens the muscles, but apparently it can also strengthen the brain. 2

A group of researchers decided to assess the memory of a group of participants after exercising, trying to detect any significant benefit. 30 physically fit men were asked to test their memory after 2 different exercises and a resting phase – the two exercises were two cycling sessions: one 30 minutes at a moderate pace and one 15 minutes at an intense pace.

It was found that the participants performed better after more intense exercise. So, what can this mean? That all high-intensity workouts may seem like torture, but they are doing us good in the head!

Final Message

This week, we refer to HIIT. Although it is a type of fast training, its benefits are undeniable, even for the brain.

But, if you want to find the right type of training for you and keep it as a routine, you should do what you like best.

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