Weight loss without restrictive diets: is it possible?

In the face of a hectic routine, many people who need to lose weight adopt restrictive diets as a way to compensate for the lack of time to work out and ensure weight loss.

This is a very dangerous behavior, which puts health at risk and compromises the achievement of quality of life and well-being.

Therefore, we have gathered 7 essential habits for the control of body weight based on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Check out our list and start putting our tips into practice today!

1. Forget restrictive diets and cultivate healthy eating habits

When we go without food for a long time and eat only small meals throughout the day, our body understands that it is in danger and begins to defend itself by storing energy in the form of fat.

This means that restrictive diets, in addition to harming health, do not help you lose weight. On the contrary, they make the body increase the amount of adipose tissue so that it can perform all its functions even with a scarce diet.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure daily consumption of all groups of nutrients essential for the functioning of the body, including carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fats and minerals.

The richer and more balanced the diet, the better the body’s response to these stimuli, especially if you bet on foods known to be good friends.

2. Bet on thermogenic foods

Thermogenic foods receive this name because they have the ability to make the body spend more energy to perform digestion and other body functions.

And the greater the energy expenditure, in the form of calories, the more the body uses the accumulated fat to generate energy. The result? Healthy weight loss!

Ginger, red pepper, cinnamon, chia, flaxseed, oats and coffee are some of the thermogenic foods that can be included in meals daily, as a condiment for juices, vitamins, soups and salads.

Small portions throughout the day are sufficient to promote the benefits of thermogenic foods to the body.

Also, drink plenty of water and try to pay attention to the intervals between meals. The ideal is to eat every three hours, to help use all the nutrients and control hunger.

With a healthy diet, you can optimize the results of physical activity and lose weight more quickly and definitively.

3. Practice physical activities daily

Believe me: just a few hours of weekly exercise is enough for your body to start experiencing the positive effects of physical activity!

An activity of thirty minutes, at least three times a week, is enough to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and benefit the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

As you exercise frequently, the body fat percentage decreases and remains under control.

This happens because our body constantly responds to the stimuli received, looking for the best way to adapt. The speed of metabolism increases and the body needs more and more energy to function, which guarantees the maintenance of the ideal body weight.

In addition to the benefits for physical health, the ability to concentrate increases, stress and anxiety decrease and even the mood improves!

Therefore, even in the face of a hectic routine, those who want to lose weight must find a physical activity that fits perfectly in their lifestyle. Good options abound!

4. Choose the exercise that suits you best

Nowadays, sports are increasingly diversified and adapted to the demands of each person.

In fact, physical education professionals and enterprises in the sports field are very aware of the benefits of exercise for health and quality of life, looking for ways to make these benefits accessible to everyone.

Running, cycling, weight training, yoga, pilates, functional training, dance, swimming, fut ebol and judo are just some of the possible options to include physical activity in your routine definitively.

Find out about the activities that interest you, take experimental classes, seek the opinion of friends and get moving!

However, know that adequate rest is essential for the recovery of the body after training. In addition to the correct interval between workouts, those looking for healthy weight loss need to have a good night’s sleep.

5. Take care of the quality of your sleep

The control of body weight is related to the hormonal activity of our organism. It is through the action of hormones that the body is willing to practice physical activities or find the necessary means for the metabolism to function in a balanced way, ensuring weight loss.

For these reactions to happen, the quality of our sleep is essential, as it is during the hours of night rest that the endocrine system, responsible for hormonal production, works.

Thus, without adequate rest, there is a lack of willingness to perform all the activities of the day, the appetite is altered and the body responds poorly to the stimuli of physical activity. Your sleepless nights can be the villains of your diets.

The ideal is to sleep about eight hours each night, and this interval may vary according to the age and sex of each individual.

While nights are essential for healthy weight loss, choosing good companies can help keep your motivation high.

6. Keep motivation high with the right companies

The promotion of health and longevity also depends on the partnership with people who are in line with our goals and want our good.

Affective bonds are important to reinforce our motivation, because with good companies it is easier to stay focused on the diet and go to the gym.

In addition, counting on the encouragement of friends, family or boyfriends can make all the difference when fitness goals seem difficult to achieve.

Often, the incentive to care for fitness can even come from reading good materials on weight loss and quality of life.

7. Search for reliable information on healthy weight loss

Thanks to the evolution of digital communication, the flow of information on health and quality of life is increasing, making a multitude of tips and guidelines available to anyone.

Amid so many statements about how to achieve good shape, you need to know how to identify those that really bring true knowledge, avoiding testimonials about magic weight loss formulas and crazy diets.

When you invest in maintaining a lifestyle based on healthy eating and physical activity, it is possible to achieve many other benefits for your health besides weight loss.

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