Q: What is a Bitcoin?

A: Bitcoin by definition is “A decentralised digital currency created in 2009″. It’s not controlled by the government, it’s difficult to trace, tax free, and has increased in popularity the last 12 months as a way to pay for black market goods/services.

Q: How do I pay you in Bitcoin?

A: Although this may seem like a somewhat complicated process, it’s really not too difficult or time consuming: Here is a quick breakdown on how to acquire bitcoin:

What you’ll need:

  • You will need a “digital wallet” to store your bitcoin. Bitcoin is essentially an invisible currency that is “transferred” from wallet to wallet to pay for purchases. Your initial bitcoin will be deposited into your “wallet” and then transferred to our “wallet” to pay for your order. We recommend using Blockchain.info or MtGox.com.

Q: How do I buy Bitcoin?

A: The simplest/fastest way to buy bitcoin and have it automatically deposited into your online digital wallet is using a service such as Bitinstant.com or MtGox.com and choosing “cash deposit location”. You may also visit LocalBitCoins.com and buy some bitcoin from someone around you locally who will send it to your digital wallet. Some services also allow you to buy Bitcoin through PayPal or debit/credit card.

Q: Why Bitcoin?

A: We prefer bitcoin because frankly, there are too many dishonest people out there that try to ruin our business. With Bitcoin, it’s fairly anonymous, and cannot be cancelled once it’s sent. That means after you receive your products, you cannot cancel the order and receive all of your Bitcoin back. We previously used PayPal but too many con artists would receive their package and get all of their money back by filing disputes repeatedly. Obviously we cannot fight disputes all day long when running an underground business such as this.



yes!! you made it thx guys.
Communication and support was great. Fast replies to questions and willing to help with any concerns I had about their products or buisness. Appreciate it Paul ! Very detailed and informative on how he expresses his answers and makes sure you fully understand on any and all questions I had. He really is a professional on what he does. Dbol is just kicking in and pumps are amazing.
Big Joe
31 March 2014

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